UAN (Universal Access Number)

PUNJAB RICE MILLS UAN service is functional from December 2007.

Why PRM adopted UAN?

  • UAN makes it easier for the customers to contact PRM by dialing a simple number.
    A quick and easy access to make queries and complaints increases customer satisfaction.

  • UAN never changes. If PRM moves office or normal telephone number is changed UAN will remain unchanged.

  • No need to remember all the telephone numbers of the company.

  • No busy tones.

How it Works?

  • UAN consists of 6 digits, preceded by 3-digit code of 111, common to all UANs. Example 111-740-840 

  • UAN works both in multilane PABX and multi phone connections. The incoming call hunts for a free junction or free phone connecting instantly.

  • UAN can be accessed from other cities by dialing the area code first. Example: (063) 111-740 840.

  • UAN can be accessed from other countries by dialing the country code first & then area code. Example: (+92 - 63) 111-740 840.