Rice To Rice
Rice passes through different stages of cleaning to ensure a hygienic product. Foreign materials like dust, stones, metals, and threads etc. are removed during these steps.

Rice is then passed through Mist Polisher, which employ water to give it a fine, silky and glossy look.

Thickness and Length Grading is performed in order to separate broken, small and shriveled grains from the head rice, Length Graders. Width Graders and Plan Sifters are used to achieve the goal; i.e. uniformity in size.

Color Sorting
Discolored and damaged grains are removed by Color Sorter in order to ensure the high quality of the product. To achieve this goal PRM has installed the Satake Grain Color Sorter RMGS 841 (252 channel) _a master piece of Japanese technology.

Plant Capacity

 Rice Processing Unit:  5 M.Tons per hour