Paddy To Parboiled Rice
Paddy Selection
Experienced and well trained personnel are appointed for the selection of best paddy, with healthy grain. Paddy is thoroughly examined and only the pure and finest paddy free from any mixing of inferior varieties is selected. PRM buy, pure paddy directly from the farmers. Paddy samples are analyzed in the laboratory and are approved if these match PRM specifications.

Paddy Cleaning
As the paddy arrives at PRM, Paddy Cleaners remove impurities such as straw, dirt and debris. Unhealthy and immature grains are also blown off during paddy cleaning.

Sometimes paddy is subjected to steam before soaking. This process of pre- steaming softens the paddy. Pre-steaming is carried out according to the need of variety or customer’s demand.

The paddy is soaked in the huge water-filled vessels at a particular temperature for a specific period of time. Special care is taken during soaking as different varieties require different water temperatures.

The soaked paddy is then transferred to the steaming vessels where it is kept at a certain temperature for a short time.

Drying of the paddy is carried out in two steps. Firstly, it is dried in the Pre-Dryer and the paddy moisture is reduced to a certain level. Secondly, paddy is shifted to the Column Dryer for further reduction in moisture. The modern technology of “smoke free hot air, generated through steam heat exchangers”, is used to dry the paddy at these dryers.

The dried paddy enters the milling section. The first step of milling is the removal of husk and the whole grain that remains after husk removal is brown rice (from the Parboiled rice). Its light brown color is caused by the presence of the rice germ and several bran layers.

Two different types of machines are used for Whitening of rice:     

  • Emery-wheel

  • Cast-rotor

Both of these machines remove bran layers of rice grains, creating abrasive and friction forces respectively, thus revealing smooth glittering  rice.

Broken, smaller and shrivelled grains are separated from the head rice by using Plan Sifters, Width & Length Graders. Great care is taken to ensure the uniformity in size.

Plant Capacity

 Parboiled Unit:  80 M.Tons per day (Paddy)