ISO 9001:2000 & HACCP

  • Standard : ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management System)

  • Accredited by : UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)

  • Accredited by : PNAC (Pakistan National Accreditation Council)

  • Certified by : MOODY International Certification Ltd.

ISO 9001:2000 is a world-renowned quality management system that focuses on product quality, good working practice & customer satisfaction etc.

  • Standard:  HACCP

  • Accredited by: RVA (Dutch Accreditation Council)

  • Certified by: MOODY International Certification Ltd.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is used in the food industry to identify potential food safety hazards, so that key actions, known as Critical Control Points (CCP’s) can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risk of the hazards being realized.